By S.J. Tagliareni

One of the greatest gifts in life is the beauty of friendship. I have had the good fortune from early childhood to this day of having a treasure of great friends. Some are no longer physically present, but their imprint on my heart and soul still remains.

On the way women and men have shared their uniqueness with me in times of joy and sorrow. We have belly laughed, danced and been silly together. There have been weddings, graduations ,parties and memorable moments when we explored the mysteries of life as well as the mundane. Their have also been those tearing moments of loss when a hug or a shoulder to lean on has helped me weather the storm.

My friends have welcomed me as I am with all of the personal flaws and limitations and have in so many ways made me a better person. They are emotionally open, genuine and honest with me and with each other. They tolerate all of our frailties, appreciate differences, and only honestly criticize when necessary. They are there for each other during illnesses and setbacks, and some are left to mourn the losses of their dear old friends, almost as a loss of a part of themselves.

Simply put, good friendships are some of the best stuff of life.

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