They’re disgusting.  Sick.  But they’re also – very real.  They truly believe the rich are superior.  The non-rich are mentally inferior.  The world can only breed chaos, unless the rich take absolute control.  They’ll rule – with an iron fist.

The Intellect Bureau, run by a group of government rogues, work to make it happen – acquiring extreme brain power.  Intellects.  Never mind, that these intellects are murderers, rapists, pedophiles.  They’ll be covertly kept from prison, from execution, to harness that brain power into achieving the IB’s goals.

They’ll create a new economic system, favoring the wealthy.  They’ll control computers, the military, completely abducting citizens’ lives.  The Intellect Bureau saves the world, by saving serial killers – with elite intelligence.  Unfortunately, these government rogues will never see the Intellect Bureau for what it really is – the Dangerous Bureau.


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